Thursday 14 January 2016

You Are the Magic!

Our event at The Magic Circle in London is on February 3 and it is approaching fast. Our external speakers are set to tell us how their companies are challenging long-held assumptions about the way insurance works.
But, part of the programme will also involve the participants. We plan to invest a portion of our time together letting you, the attendees, run the meeting. With so many talented, skilled insurance professionals in one place, want to tap into that brainpower and provide analysis that attendees can take back to their companies to use. Of course, we can’t go into too much detail, as magic depends on surprise, but…here is a short preview.

We will ask attendees to provide their perspective on a number of scenarios and then break into groups to exchange perspectives. We are in the process of finalizing the scenarios now, but to give you an idea of what we are considering. What if…..
• cars don’t crash?
• people don’t die?
• insurance products are service contracts, based on the avoidance of loss, rather than on indemnity?
• pricing is determined by activities and instead of basing rates on rating categories, they are based on behaviors?
• technology and social norms allow individual risks to socialize their coverages and seek partners to share in deductible / low loss payments?

Our goal is to give everyone an approach that they can take back to their company, modify appropriately and use to gain some consensus on the way forward. We also plan to have some fun!

If you have not registered, here is the link:
See you soon!

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