Thursday 17 September 2009

off on a TOGAF 9 course next week

rather looking forward to it. read the bulk of the book so interested in opportunity to ask some questions.

trainers contributed to v9 TOGAF book.

Monday 7 September 2009

Turns out my personality type is "Rational" - Rational

In fact an Architect (INTP) to be precise. Apparently people of this type excel at being able to classify and think abstractly about the real world. David Keirsey's model therefore directly appeals to me as a method of interacting and understanding the people around me. Actually in his book David Keirsey admits to being a Rational thinker, so perhaps this is why his style appeals to me.

This is proving to be a useful 'in' for me in terms of improving my emotional intelligence - something I think is important for my role but doesn't come naturally to me.

Perhaps other 'architect's out there may find it of use too.