Thursday 29 January 2009

What do IT Architects do?

This is a question that's plagued me for some time when I've been introducing myself in the pub or discussing with friends my role. A lot of work has been done on Systems Architecture and various levels of IT Architect role.

In reading up on TOGAF I think there is a very good description of what an Enterprise Architect should do, although the amount of experience required to be able to do it means that the TOGAF ADM doesn't really say how you do it. Interesting to see other bloggers trying to bring this to life: How to bring TOGAF to life: Why Enterprise Architects should use TOGAF

Tuesday 27 January 2009

IBM's product positioning and branding

IBM never cease to amaze me in how they make their product portfolio so complex answering simple questions like 'which of your products is right for me?' becomes really difficult.

Case in point to today is the selection of mashup products available. Take a look at IBM's mash up centre and you're offered 4 apparently competing but different products! Perhaps it'll be worth writing a post in the future offering some advice on how these differ but for now I just wanted to express my incredulity...