Saturday 18 October 2008

Organising google apps with multiple domains

I've been trying out google apps team edition using my domain. I decided recently it would be useful to have a more neutral domain I could use so that friends and family could have an account that I could manage - quite a few regularly forget passwords and such so me being able to reset them would be a good thing.

I made a domain alias for but it didn't quite have the effect I wanted. The email forwards and thats about it, and don't forward to slightly irritating. I now face the possibility of deleting my current google apps and starting afresh on the new domain - will look at mail migration (easy - help topic available) and migrating documents etc.

Mildly irritating - would have thought this would be easy.

Monday 13 October 2008

Is Information Systems Architecture all about the money?

Originally this was going to be a post about how IS Architecture and design decisions in general fundamentally came down to money. You may measure it as value for money, benefits realisation or cost avoidance but it's money all the same - even Enterprise Architecture is all about realising the benefits of being a large enterprise. The post is still about that but events have somewhat overtaken me...

Now the post is a little different. We're in interesting times already. There is less money around - banks are failing, governments are buying into banks and already keynotes speeches are changing tone

So now more than ever IS Architecture is all about the money. There is money around but getting hold of it is going to need a very strong case and cost profile. Underpinning any successful IT project in the near future will be a keen eye on costs and strong leadership driving towards the benefits. 

Another post from ongoing seems very relevant: Tough Times Agility

Busy and interesting times ahead...