Friday 4 September 2015

Model Insurer 2016 accepting nominations

In its tenth year, Celent’s Model Insurer Award program has grown from a small idea into a big deal for our analysts and the insurance technology world. Not only are insurers across the globe recognized with the premier award in the analyst community for successful implementations of technology projects, but the awards are giving out a Celent’s marquee event Innovation & Insight Day. With over 400 attending at venues like Carnegie Hall, the event has grown to be a ‘must attend’ event for many companies.

Celent’s Model Insurer and Model Insurer Asia award programs run annually from September until March/April. Nominations are currently being accepted via two online forms:

Model Insurer: All insurers across the globe are invited to submit a nomination for Model Insurer.


Model Insurer Asia: Celent Asia conducts the Asia Pacific specific program to identify the potentially unique “Model Insurer” solutions that have recently been deployed in the APAC region.


The awards are given to insurance companies which have successfully implemented a technology project in five key areas:

• Digital and omnichannel technologies
• Legacy and core system implementation
• Data mastery and analytics
• Innovation and emerging technologies
• Non-core system implementation best practices/IT management best practices


For the first time this year Celent is offering a report that describes the Model Insurer program in detail. We hope that any and all questions an insurer or vendor might have regarding the program will be answered in the report.


After four years of running the program, I am passing the baton to Colleen Risk. I will be actively involved in the transition year. Colleen and I both are available to answer questions about the program.


Celent, Colleen and I welcome all insurers to review your successful IT projects from the past one to two years and submit the project for an award. If you win, you will be among some great company at Celent’s Innovation & Insight Day in 2016.

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