Wednesday 17 March 2010

Affordable 3D video games are already here, TV not far behind?

With the rise of 3D cinematic experiences I thought 3D television wasn't too far away but would be very expensive.
I often look at what the computer games industry is doing as they tend to be the leading edge in terms of interactive technology so I was interested when I got an email through citing a 3D Vision ready screen. I have a GeForce 3D graphics card in my machine and it appears that for around £350 I can buy a 120 Hz screen and a pair of Glasses that turn any 3D game or rendered content into a true 3D experience. I'm surprised at how affordable this is, don't get me wrong £130 or so each for some glasses for a family is very expensive but for a young single well off male that wants to watch sports in 3D? It feels to me like 3D television is actually just round the corner and expensive but affordable right now.

in reference to: VX2268wm - 22" Viewsonic VX2268WM, 3D 120Hz, Wide, Black/Silver, LCD, VGA/DVi, 20000:1, 300cdm2, 1680x1050, 2ms (view on Google Sidewiki)

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